Becoming a Powerful Communicator
Presented by Daren Martin

The single most critical factor for your success in business and life is your ability to communicate with and influence the right people, at the right times, about the right things. Effect communications can reduce conflict, boost rapport, maximize interpersonal effectiveness, improve sales, and increase influence. This engaging seminar, filled with practical examples and opportunities to practice what you learn, will provide the tools to become a communications master. Daren will present a simple but robust model that is immediately usable and can transform every relationship and encounter you have. Takeaways include:
  • Dramatically improved and clarified communication with clients and coworkers.
  • Understanding how others communicate differently and how to speak their languate.
  • The ability to cut through all the noise that distorts communication.
  • Increase collaboration and productivity within you team.

View Webinar Replay Here.