Webinar: How to Succeed at Selling Remotely
Hosted by Sandler Training 

Register for the webinar to prepare you and your team for virtual business growth. 

According to X.AI, a meeting scheduling platform, virtual meetings now represent over 90% of all meetings being scheduled this week.

Does that surprise you? Are you concerned about your salespeople who:

Are accustomed to having inside sales set up their meetings
May have rusty phone or web skills 
Hate turning on video during online meetings 
Dress too casually when meeting virtually 
Demonstrate poor self-discipline 
Struggle with communication etiquette when creating virtual rapport 

The harsh fact is that most salespeople treat video calls differently than face-to-face calls, which may be OK since they are different…

But do you know the most effective ways to sell remotely in these critical times? If not, then this webinar series is for you.
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