Job Title: All Pets Considered Events Coordinator

Job Type: Part-Time to Full-Time

Location: Greensboro, NC (both on-site at both store locations and off-site at other businesses)

We are a local pet food and supply store, specializing in natural pet products. Our main differentiator from competitors is our superior customer service and our personal care.

The ideal candidate would:

  • LOVE animals!
  • Be a customer of All Pets Considered
  • Be self-motivated and possess excellent time management skills
  • Excel in networking
  • Be willing to work most weekends
  • Creative

General Job Description

Plan, coordinate and execute weekly off-site events to promote and advertise the products and services of All Pets Considered. Oversee and organize on-site events at both store locations. Serve as the point-of-contact for all rescue group partners for monthly programs, adoption events and donation pickups.

Duties and Resonsibilities

  • Design and implement an All Pets Considered booth to be set up at events. Some guidance and training provided – but creativity is encouraged to make the APC booth stand out and get noticed.
  • Network and plan events with local breweries, coffeehouses and other pet friendly businesses in the Greensboro area.
  • Coordinate and attend sponsored local events to promote All Pets Considered.
  • Collaborate with the general manager to plan on-site events and help with details on the day of the events.
  • Organize and oversee communication with local rescue partners for monthly charity calendar, adoption events and donation pickups.
  • Attend some networking events on behalf of All Pets Considered

Qualifications for the Job


High school degree or more.


Customer Service

Advertising (not required but helpful)

Canva (or equivalent computer design program)

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to lift and load all “gear” for off-site events.

Please contact Alison Schwartz at