Do ONE Thing: Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety, Procrastination & "I Don't Wanna"

Felicia Brown, A to Zen

Times have changed in a whirlwind. And though we all still have things to accomplish in our days, weeks, and lives, some of us may find it more difficult than ever before to get motivated to start, let alone finish what we've set our sights on. Ohhh, the frustration, overwhelm and shame that can come from being stuck, right?! Well it's time to clear the cobwebs, get some clarity about what really matters and start kicking out "buts" to the curb! Join award winning author, speaker and entrepreneur, Felicia Brown, to learn simple ways to overcome the common blocks which keep you from achieving your goals, no matter how simple or lofty. You'll feel ready to take act on your "have to" and "want to" lists ONE small step at a time.

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