Glenn Dobrogosz Receives AZA Inspector of the Year Award

GREENSBORO, NC -- The Greensboro Science Center (GSC) is proud to announce that CEO Glenn Dobrogosz has been named Inspector of the Year, Operations by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

Each year, three individuals are honored with the Inspector of the Year Award for their consistent exceptional work quality, and/or in recognition of the amount of time donated to performing inspections throughout their years as AZA Accreditation Inspectors.

According to AZA, "Glenn’s career has been defined by creative vision, constant advancement, and innovative development. He has served as the Chair of the Accreditation Commission, and has volunteered as an accreditation inspector since 2009. He deeply believes that the accreditation process should be a positive and proactive experience that helps the continued evolution and success of the organization under review."

GSC Chief Operating Officer, Beth Hemphill, says, "Glenn’s dedication to the zoo and aquarium profession and the standards that guide it is apparent not only by the time and energy he willingly dedicates in his capacity as an AZA accreditation inspector, but also by his personal commitment to supporting and guiding facilities throughout the accreditation process. He has mentored numerous facilities while serving on the Accreditation Commission. His passion for the accreditation process has inspired colleagues to become AZA accreditation inspectors. It is fitting that AZA would acknowledge his tireless dedication to upholding and raising the standards within zoos and aquariums. I am so happy to see him recognized nationally for his leadership in his industry."

Glenn Dobrogosz Bio
Glenn Dobrogosz can trace his fascination with wildlife back to the age of five when his family moved into a home that had a rocky creek and huge bamboo thicket in the backyard – an environment which quickly became his outdoor laboratory and living zoo. Glenn pursued that interest in nature by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Appalachian State University. After a stint in the Peace Corps, Glenn enrolled in Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo before officially beginning his zoo career at the Indianapolis Zoo. He served as the Executive Director at the Thompson Park Zoo and the Zoo at Chehaw before landing in his current role as the CEO of the Greensboro Science Center.