Paradigm-Shattering Speakers Bureau Adds Robust West Coast Division, Embraces Continued Demand for Virtual and Hybrid Events Clients and talent will both benefit from Remarkable! improvements

Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau has launched a West Coast Division to deepen and diversify its talent pool, securing the finest musical and variety acts as well as top-flight celebrity speakers to put some extra star power into its global client events.

And even as the world emerges from the restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Remarkable!’s CEO sees virtual and hybrid events remaining an integral, growing part of the industry she has served for decades as a corporate executive, professional speaker and best-selling author, event planner and talent booker.

“Sometimes you have to color outside the lines to paint a meaningful and memorable picture. That’s what we’re all about at Remarkable!,” CEO Sue Falcone explains. “You won’t find another speakers bureau with our award-winning international profile, wide array of crowd-pleasing in-person and certified virtual talent and unparalleled commitment to tailoring our services to our clients’ unique individual needs. When you book with us, you book outside the box!”

The bureau’s new West Coast Division, debuting as part of the company’s anniversary celebration, specializes in securing the finest musical and variety acts as well as top-flight celebrity speakers. It is headed by Steve Zall and Sid Fish, who have decades of experience in and around the entertainment industry.

“Steve and Sid bring all they’ve learned on their professional journeys to the table – and it takes a big table to fit it all! -- to ensure an extra measure of excellence for our clients,” Falcone says.

Zall is a West Coast entertainment industry icon, a long-time executive manager in PR, sales, advertising and marketing of celebrities, filmmakers and entertainers. His impressive resume includes being a featured singer with The Don Ho Show, appearing in Hawaii and on tour, as well as starring in Mr. Fringey’s Puppet Palace Revue, the first children's show in Las Vegas. He is the former president and CEO of Stars Expo Senior Trade Shows, a former advertising sales rep for LA Weekly and a former advertising manager with industry news source of record, The Hollywood Reporter. He was one of the original founders of Women in Film and also program chairman for the Golden Apple Awards, produced by the Hollywood Women’s Press Club.

Fish is a former technical manager of computers systems, sales and service, and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). His entertainment credits include being an acrobatic dancer in The Follies Bergere in Las Vegas and appearing in The Godfather, Part II. As a former technical support supervisor at Broadvoice, he was honored with the 2016 Award of Excellence. He recently completed a two-year assignment as a casting associate and personal assistant for Gerald Wolff & Associates in West Hollywood.

The duo jointly owns Independent Filmmakers’ Resource Group and Films 2 Fund Independent Film Financing and publishes

“Our West Coast expansion could not be led by two more connected and qualified men than Steve and Sid,” Falcone notes. “They know and are known by everyone on the West Coast – in perfect position to deliver top-flight talent to provide top-notch value and excitement to our clients.”

That value will be delivered in myriad groundbreaking ways, she adds, since Remarkable! is not returning to a business-as-usual approach even as pandemic restrictions are easing.

“There is no business-as-usual in our industry – and certainly not in our bureau,” she says.” We’ve always been about finding fresh ways to deliver on our name and our punctuation. That exclamation point isn’t meant to be cute or clever. It’s a promise of the excitement we deliver.”

And it will include, moving forward, much more than in-person events.

“Virtual communication is not going away,” Falcone explains. “Speakers, entertainers and music artists are seeing the advantages of this fast-growing technology and embracing it. That’s why our talent pool includes so many certified virtual speakers and presenters – because there is always going to be a virtual audience to be entertained, educated and equipped.”

Remarkable! will continue to make those outcomes a reality for clients all over the world in all variety of formats, just as it has served more than 5,000 clients to date that have included:

• Large and midsize businesses, including Fortune 500 companies • Professional business associations and conferences • Nonprofit organizations • HR professionals • Colleges and universities • Entertainment event planners

“We take the headaches and the hiccups out of finding the perfect talent to ensure a memorable experience for our clients,” Falcone says. “We deliver innovative solutions and unequaled value for an unforgettable experience our clients’ audiences won’t be able to stop talking about. And that’s true whether they’re enjoying the event in person, via video conference or live streaming … or through some combination of the two.

“We do all the heavy lifting,” she adds, “to ensure they receive all the accolades. And we’ve gotten a whole lot more muscular with the addition of our West Coast Division.”