Greensboro, NC – Welcome to Medicare!  The Health Insurance Shoppe is pleased to announce their 2019 Welcome to Medicare Seminars.  These events are offered locally for adults age 64+ who are aging into Medicare, adults of any age with disabilities, or children legally responsible for an older adults healthcare. The seminars are strictly educational and there is no charge to attend, however space is limited and prior reservations are required. 

The Health Insurance Shoppe specializes in helping individuals navigate the complexities of the Medicare System.  Whether you plan to retire at 65, or decide to continue working, advisors can offer expert advice.   The Health Insurance Shoppe represents most of the major Medicare Insurance providers in central North Carolina along with “Special Needs Plans” for veterans and adults with disabilities.  Agent Advisors believe in education and advocacy to help individuals choose a Medicare strategy that is most suitable for their lifestyle, budget, and healthcare needs.  Please enjoy us for a relaxed and educational seminar to learn more about the ABCs and D of Medicare.   

Established in 2011 to serve North Carolinians, The Health Insurance Shoppe is located at 1175 Revolution Mill Drive, Studio 4, near Moses Cone Hospital, in Greensboro.  Please call Karen at 336-763-0775 to reserve your spot at the next seminar. Online at