Overcoming "Digital Marketing Overwhelm": What to do when everyone expects you to be everywhere, all the time.

Presented by Jay Vics, JVI Mobile Marketing

Jay is a “Serial Entrepreneur”. Sometimes a new idea will wake him up at midnight and until he draws out the steps necessary to bring it to life on paper, he cannot fall back to sleep. He has worked in the fields of web development, sales and marketing, and business development for his 20-year career. He is married and is the proud “dog father” of two amazing pups. He enjoys the occasional escape from small town living to visit some city life.

In this seminar, Jay will discuss the fundamentals of digital marketing and break down and obliterate ten myths and misconceptions of digital marketing. You will learn how to prioritize your strategy and combat your overwhelm by celebrating your accomplishments. You will discover that the enemy of good is perfectionism and even some signs that it’s time to bring in some professional help. Attendees will take away:

- 5 Steps to Creating a Digital Marketing Action Plan.

- 5 Tips for staying focused.

- 4 strategies to find time for your Digital Marketing efforts.

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