How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Presented by Barry Utesch

Barry Utesch is a long time Greensboro resident, earning his undergraduate degree from UNCG and serving as the President of Total Computer Solutions, a local IT and network security company, for 29 years. As someone who has worked in the IT world for 32 years, he is an expert in this field, and has spent his entire career working to provide network security services and IT support to businesses. 

Cyber breaches are a dangerous threat to businesses. In fact, it is more likely that your business will be affected by a cyber breach than a natural disaster. Hackers are looking to hit small businesses because they are typically more vulnerable. The costs of cleaning up a breach can be devastating, both from a financial and a PR standpoint. But beyond the expenses, businesses have an obligation to create a culture of network security that clients can trust. Applied for 1 hr NC CIE, CFP, NC CPE, NC CLE.

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