Re-Watch: Back to the New Future

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There’s a LOT happening in the world right now. 

Are you struggling to stay positive? Do you think it's hard to keep up right now? Are you wondering how everyone else is getting by?

Then this November 17th event is for you.

Marilyn Sherman, renowned public speaker, will lead an energizing virtual event in which audience members will be motivated, inspired and encouraged to handle all of the disruption that’s going on in today's world.

High Point University President, Dr. Qubein will kick off this interactive program and Marilyn will address specific challenges and provide tools to not only get through difficult times now, but also be able to lead others in a more positive, impactful way.

Marilyn Sherman is a Keynote Speaker, who just recently was inducted to the National Speaker Association’s CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. She is one of 182 members in the world who hold this designation. Dr. Qubein is also in this esteemed group.

Click Here to view the webinar replay. 

Click Here to watch a short video for a final message from our renowned speaker, Marilyn Sherman!