Friday, April 3rd at 12 noon

Survive Now - Thrive Later: Business Strategies for Surviving and Thriving in Challenging Times

with Abby Donnelly,  The Leadership and Legacy Group

It's hard to believe that just a week or two ago, we were all operating pretty much 'business as usual' and today, many of us face significant disruption -- in our business and in our lives. While we don't know when life will return to 'normal', we can choose how we operate today to position ourselves to thrive when that time comes.

  In this compelling program, we'll introduce you to some powerful questions and offer strategies and tools designed to invite you to take a look at your business through a fresh set of eyes - maybe a different way of thinking. 


  • We'll share an approach to help you identify ways to keep your business on solid footing.
  • We'll remind you that some of the steps you are probably already taking, though very difficult, are right and necessary.

  We'll share a series of tools and strategies that you can put in place now to enhance your business, improve management performance, and increase the value of your business for the future


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