ActionCOACH Free Survive and Thrive Training

Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH Founder and CEO, has just released a 5 hour training series on “Survive & Thrive Strategies for COVID19”. These 5 hours are broken down into Ten (10) 30 minute sessions and the topics of each session is stated below. I strongly encourage you to watch these sessions in order and to not overwhelm you, I suggest you watch no more than 1 or maybe 2 a day as each session gives you homework….activities you need to do so your business survives and thrives. Taking small steps will have a prolonged effect on your business!

There is no charge for this training. It is ActionCOACH’s gift to you to assist you in getting through this Pandemic and positioning you to thrive when it is all over. Once you click on the link below you will be directed to register for the opportunity with your name and email address….you will not be flooded with communications! Follow the log on instructions and enjoy the learnings!

Click Here to access to the training or visit

Just released today is Brad's new 
"Survive & Thrive Strategies for COVID19"
10 video series.  Topics in this online FREE video course include:

  • Day 1: Big Picture and Communication
  • Day 2: Changing Your Business Model
  • Day 3: Virtual is the New Normal
  • Day 4: Cashflow Management
  • Day 5: Marketing Must Shift
  • Day 6: Sales with Compassion
  • Day 9: Build a Strong Mindset
  • Day 10: Plan for 90 Days