April 14th- How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Presented by Barry Utesch

Barry Utesch is a long time Greensboro resident, earning his undergraduate degree from UNCG and serving as the President of Total Computer Solutions, a local IT and network security company, for 29 years. As someone who has worked in the IT world for 32 years, he is an expert in this field, and has spent his entire career working to provide network security services and IT support to businesses. 

Cyber breaches are a dangerous threat to businesses. In fact, it is more likely that your business will be affected by a cyber breach than a natural disaster. Hackers are looking to hit small businesses because they are typically more vulnerable. The costs of cleaning up a breach can be devastating, both from a financial and a PR standpoint. But beyond the expenses, businesses have an obligation to create a culture of network security that clients can trust. Applied for 1 hr NC CIE, CFP, NC CPE, NC CLE.

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April 24th- Practical Principles for Maintaining Positivity during Significant Change

Presented by Merikay Hunt, M.S.

Merikay Hunt, M.S. is the founder and president of COACH MKay Companies, LLC, a firm dedicated to creating catalysts for change to impact business performance by maximizing professional development. Her firm provides customized keynotes, training & development, and executive coaching. She has developed over 1,000 programs in her 20 year career and holds a B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill and M.S. in human resource counseling from NC A&T State University. 

Join Merikay for this uplifting session on the power of attitude and personal mindset. She will share inspiring anecdotes and real-world tips on maintaining your sanity and thriving in a time of challenges and change. Attendees will gain the tools to:

  • Shift their mindset from panic to purpose and from fear to focus.
  • Release maximum creativity and elevate productivity.
  • Understand change dynamics and the impact on personality profiles.

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April 28th- Overcoming "Digital Marketing Overwhelm": What to do when everyone expects you to be everywhere, all the time.

Presented by Jay Vics, JVI Mobile Marketing

Jay is a “Serial Entrepreneur”. Sometimes a new idea will wake him up at midnight and until he draws out the steps necessary to bring it to life on paper, he cannot fall back to sleep. He has worked in the fields of web development, sales and marketing, and business development for his 20-year career. He is married and is the proud “dog father” of two amazing pups. He enjoys the occasional escape from small town living to visit some city life.

In this seminar, Jay will discuss the fundamentals of digital marketing and break down and obliterate ten myths and misconceptions of digital marketing. You will learn how to prioritize your strategy and combat your overwhelm by celebrating your accomplishments. You will discover that the enemy of good is perfectionism and even some signs that it’s time to bring in some professional help. Attendees will take away:

- 5 Steps to Creating a Digital Marketing Action Plan.

- 5 Tips for staying focused.

- 4 strategies to find time for your Digital Marketing efforts.

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May 12th- Lemons to Lemonade: Evaluating and Improving your Culture after a Crisis

Presented by Mark Moser, The Davidson Group

The trust gap between management and employees typically widens during any crisis that results in layoffs, furloughs, or downsizing.  In this session, you will learn tips to help your organization regroup and rebuild as we emerge from the economic shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in such a way that narrows that trust gap and brings everyone in your organization back together. This webinar is specifically designed for business owners, managers, supervisors, and those serving in HR function. It is rated intermediate.

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May 19th- Do ONE Thing: Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety, Procrastination & "I Don't Wanna"

Felicia Brown, A to Zen

Times have changed in a whirlwind. And though we all still have things to accomplish in our days, weeks, and lives, some of us may find it more difficult than ever before to get motivated to start, let alone finish what we've set our sights on. Ohhh, the frustration, overwhelm and shame that can come from being stuck, right?! Well it's time to clear the cobwebs, get some clarity about what really matters and start kicking out "buts" to the curb! Join award winning author, speaker and entrepreneur, Felicia Brown, to learn simple ways to overcome the common blocks which keep you from achieving your goals, no matter how simple or lofty. You'll feel ready to take act on your "have to" and "want to" lists ONE small step at a time.

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June 9th- Evaluate Your Business Through Six Steps

Presented by Ross Cox of ActionCOACH

As we emerge from this COVID-19 Pandemic, you need to look at your business as if it is starting over in this “new normal” environment that has been created.  Regardless if you were shut down, had limited operations, or operated fully during this period, this is a perfect time to look at your business and ask yourself the following question: “To build the business I choose to have, what do I need to keep doing and what do I need to change?”  This seminar will discuss the “Six Steps to Building a Business” and show you how to use the “Six Steps” as a basis of evaluating your business to determine what to keep and what could be changed.

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June 16th- Forecasting Revenue in Times of Change

Presented by Brent Allen and Josh Robbins of AmpliFi

As COVID-19 continues to impact organizations across the globe, business forecasting has become more essential than ever. Preparation and agile execution can make the difference between staying alive and going under during the economic storm of a global pandemic. Join AmpliFi experts as they share practical strategies for scenario-based financial modeling that can help your organization survive and continue to grow in a time of uncertainty. 

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June 23rd- Costly Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Presented by Sean Browne of SEO Rocket

Many businesses want to utilize Google ads in their marketing plans. But many are concerned that there may be unexpected risks. Attend this webinar to discover a list of some of the more common pitfalls, how to avoid them. You’ll receive clear guidance and best practices to achieve the highest return on your paid advertising investment.

This session is rated beginner/introductory.

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June 30th- Hiring for Culture: Overcoming your Hiring Challenges

Presented by Shawn Straub of ALT HR Partners

This webinar will provide valuable advice on the importance of hiring for culture. Employees who fit your company’s culture are more productive, have longer tenure, and will become cultural ambassadors for your workforce. Shawn Straub, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SPC will give you tips and tools to attract and select candidates that are the best fit for your organization. During this turbulent time, it is more important than ever to ensure the people you are hiring will be an excellent fit for your company. If you have input in the hiring decisions at your organization, this session will help you consider cultural fit, not just skills. Your workforce will be more cohesive, dedicated, and motivated as a result.

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July 14th- Find Ways to Save Your Self Time, Energy, and Money (Build SYSTEM$)

Presented by Gerald Hutchinson, ActionCOACH

Doesn’t everyone want to find ways to make their job easier?  It’s even more important if you are a business owner or manager.  In this practical webinar, we will explore ways to build and implement systems that increase productivity, reduce headaches, and propel you to a better life!  We examine both obvious and innovative ways to make SYSTEMS work for you. Sometimes, it just takes a different perspective to simplify your tasks and earn success more easily.

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July 28th- Considering COVID-19 Alongside Ongoing Workplace Regulations

Presented by Beth Langley, Brooks Pierce

As state-wide COVID-19 restrictions lift and employees come back to work, employers find themselves navigating new challenges in workplace safety and layoff concerns while still following existing regulations like the ADA and FMLA. In this webinar, Brooks Pierce attorney Beth Langley will provide insight into the current employment landscape and how employers can avoid unnecessary risk as employees return to work. We will explore:

  • Where are we now? What is the current state of employment regulations?
  • What happens to your business when temporary layoffs become permanent?
  • How can you avoid litigation related to termination or workplace safety?

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August 11th- What is a Meeting without Creativity?

Karae Foddrell, Foddrell Consulting

Are you tired of boring meetings?  Is your workgroup getting stagnant or showing signs of low energy? Join us for this webinar, where you will learn ideas and strategies—that work both in person and online—to get you and your team motivated and energized, necessary ingredients to produce the dynamic ideas that will move your productivity forward. Attendees will learn:

  • How to interpersonally connect with your team.
  • How to value and increase innovation in your meetings.
  • How to be an effective problem solver and much more.

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September 15th- Rethinking Successfully

Presented by Trudy Tobias, Truest Coaching

Rethinking Successfully is geared to help business people achieve the next level of success.  You’ll learn which mindsets and beliefs may have held you back in your business and life and how to let go of them. You’ll discover simple yet powerful tools and techniques that will empower and propel you into a more effective version of yourself.  You will learn what is truly important for personal and professional success, enabling you to reach your goals in every area. 

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August 4th- The 4Rs to Profitable Revenue: Recover, Rebuild, Reinvent, Relaunch

Presented by Abby Donnelly, The Leadership & Legacy Group

Whether your business is closed due to COVID-19, or you are open but struggling to bring in enough revenue to keep your staff employed and your lease payments up to date, or you are operating full on… it can be hard to step away and get some objectivity. Yet that objectivity is key to assessing the right next steps for you and your company. In this engaging webinar, Abby Donnelly will help you identify what steps you can take—no matter what stage of the 4Rs your business is in—to move forward. We don’t have a magic pill or silver bullet, but we do bring fresh perspective, a curious mind, and a commitment to support Triad businesses.

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August 18th- Creating Meaningful Connections using LinkedIn

Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Strategist and Trainer, Burriss Consulting, Inc

LinkedIn plays an important role in our individual networking in business, career, and life. Having a well built LinkedIn Profile and knowing the best practices of using LinkedIn Search and Invites creates the foundation you need to be able to grow a meaningful and relevant LinkedIn Network. This network can open doors and provide for beneficial introductions. In this session, you will become introduced to the top 10 best practices of Networking with LinkedIn.


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August 25th- Shift Happens

Presenter: Back by popular demand, Merikay Hunt, M.S. is the founder and president of COACH MKay Companies, LLC, a firm dedicated to creating catalysts for change to impact business performance by maximizing professional development. Her firm provides customized keynotes, training & development, and executive coaching. She has developed over 1,000 programs in her 20 year career and holds a B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill and M.S. in human resource counseling from NC A&T State University. 

They say there’s nothing constant except for change, and we are currently navigating a tremendous stream of change these days. How do we develop a positive mindset, manage stress and anxiety, and maintain productivity throughout a season of Covid Care? Attend this motivational and uplifting webinar for strategies that will help you:

  • Build Courage to Quit Procrastinating.
  • Create the Mindset of a Champion.
  • Learn How to Overcome Obstacles.

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October 13th- What to Do When Your Prospect Says ‘No’

Presented by Gerald Hutchinson of ActionCOACH

Salespeople risk rejection, disappointment, and frustration when they get a NO! to their offer.  Yet, those “No’s” are inevitable part of the job.  This program provides tactics for keeping the sales process alive and helps salespeople with tactics to manage their own emotional reaction to a “No.”  By the end of the session, participants will know how to:

•Regain their confidence.

•Refocus their efforts.

•Reclaim the opportunity with prospects.

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December 1st- The Stress Solution: Strategies for a New Day

Presented by Mike Collins of The Perfect Workday Company

If there was ever a time to wholeheartedly embrace stress management that time is now. The pandemic and social issues are maximizing all kinds of stresses. How effectively do you handle the strain? Do you sweat, grind your teeth, rant and rave, yell at yourself and others? Or, do you suffer quietly and let the tensions eat away at your life?

The Stress Solution will focus on:

- Understanding Your Stress Quotient
- Pinpointing Your Specific Stressors
- The Big Three: Alter, Accept, Avoid
- How To Deal With Difficult People
- Using Positive Stress to Reduce Negative Stress
- 5 Simple Strategies for Lowering Stress
- Why Work/Life Balance is a Myth

We are all paying a constantly growing price in physical and emotional problems due to chronic stress. It is time for practical tools that dial back the stress and help us regain control. Join us for The Stress Solution and learn proven—and new—strategies that help manage stress in these challenging times.

Stress Test 
Stress Outline 

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