Greensboro Farmers Market Dog Days of Summer
August 25
Volunteer Shifts:
7-8 - 3 pet watchers
8-9 - 3 pet watchers
9-10 - 3 pet watchers and 8 dog washers
10-11 - 3 pet watchers and 8 dog washers
11-12 - 3 pet watchers and 8 dog washers
Pet watchers will sit with pets while customers go inside to complete their shopping. No volunteer will be left alone with any more that three small to medium dogs or one large dog at a time.
Dog wash volunteers will be in charge of helping to wash or dry dogs either in the large dog category or small dog category depending on how comfortable they are with dogs. Market staff will turn down any dog that becomes violent or skittish and cannot be washed.
Volunteers should wear clothes that they are okay getting wet and dirty in.
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