Please Join us for a Networking Luncheon Featuring Pat B. Freeman Presenting Empowered Entrepreneurs Wear Double “EE” Want to be inspired to take action!

Come hear this enthusiastic, solution-driven speaker, Pat B. Freeman! Be prepared to bring your WOW to your business or career when you hear her message: Empowered Entrepreneurs Wear Double “EE”!

Pat B. Freeman is a John Maxwell certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, and has been speaking in front of audiences since age 7. She is an author, former radio host, serial entrepreneur, and is passionate about empowering women and others to move from "stuck to clarity" in areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, and career growth. Her goal is to inspire action and provide processes, tools, and resources that help build dreams.

Empowered Entrepreneurs Wear Double “EE” Discover: What is a EE. What it takes to be or become a EE. If you’re equipped to wear EE. Why EE’s stand out from the crowd. What puts a person who wears EE ahead of the competition. What EE wearers do and why they can earn more because of it. All Double EE’s are welcome. If you’re not, come and be inspired to grow into it!

For more info and to sign up, visit or call Amanda at 336-477-1161.